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Vegan, cruelty-free, animal-free. There are many labels, but the basic idea is always the same: many of the goods we buy are produced causing unnecessary suffering to animals and more and more people are choosing to say no to these methods of production.
The "Renzo Frau" Ipsia of Sarnano is preparing to welcome an unprecedented event. "La primavera del Frau", a week of cultural rebirth with events, debates, and very important guests to be held from 12 to 17 April 2021. An important showcase for the institute that intends to provide students with a space entirely dedicated to culture and to the future, during which the children will have the opportunity to meet numerous guests.
It is useless to deny it. Some Italian events pain and embarrass us, also because, at times, we are co-responsible. But there are other reasons that make us proud and proud to be Italian.
Valentine's Day is getting closer and closer and in a few days lovers will find themselves faced with the usual annual dilemma: "What do I do on Valentine's Day?", "What do I give you?", "What do I give them?"
NEW YEAR NEW LIFE. We repeat it over and over again, every year, every January 1st, only to find ourselves after a few weeks not having changed practically anything.
Donating and giving are not synonymous, did you know? Indeed, their meaning expresses a diametrically opposite conception.
"Made in Italy" is one of the best known and most appreciated brands in the world. Undisputed synonym of excellence, know-how, creativity, quality, style and taste.

It goes without saying that for the big names in fashion, being Italian is a strength, which translates into high sales.


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