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Backstage new advertising spot "Couple breakup"

"Losing love", as Ranieri sang, is pure pain. Unfortunately, there are stories that end and leave you dizzy as if you have taken an electric shock. Everything is tinged with a faded gray filter.

This is what happened some time ago to a dear friend of ours. But his story is even more original. Some will find it hard to believe it but, while he was in the midst of his sad days, he saw his wife return to the house, not to face even the slightest dialogue, but to take back his Paul Meccanico bag.

Naively he told us about it and we, as ironic fools as we are, first thought of the slogan “Love ends, Paul Meccanico stays forever” then we took inspiration from it for the commercial we presented to you a couple of weeks ago. Haven't you seen it yet? Here it is below ...



Could we have been a little insensitive?

Maybe yes, and now we would like to introduce you to all those who have contributed to making this "unhealthy idea" concrete.

Antonio Lucarini
Brilliant and sincere director, one of those characters who doesn't wear masks to tell thoughts that don't belong to him. Among his past collaborations the one with Dario Argento stands out. Sorry if it's cheap!

NB: he is also the voiceover.



Piero Rossi
After a lifetime spent filming for the commercials of a well-known brand from the Marche region, he stopped for a few years then ... we brushed it off. And the neck is always exceptional. Precious also in the assembly phase. Master.



Thomas Toxic
An actor with undisputed talent and sympathy. Warranty.


Eleonora Rossi
Our friend from Sarnana is beautiful. She has never been an actress but she has done very well. Don't you find?


Giacomo Liverotti
Giovane musicista emergente nonché insegnante della Lizard di Macerata ha colto nel segno con un colonna sonora emotivamente perfetta… ed il pezzo finale con la chitarra elettrica è da applausi. Chapeau professore.


Lube Store Caldarola
Fantastica location gentilmente concessa. Non potevamo pretendere di meglio.

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