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Glam is online: the new tote bag by Paul Meccanico

Do you know Glam? Perhaps some of you have already previewed it in the windows of our authorized dealers last year, but you should know that now Glam has made its official entry among the Paul Meccanico one-piece collections and it is finally available on our website. 

We can describe it in three words: “Smallest Airstone”. Because you know Airstone, right?

Well Glam is just like Airstone but with 10 cm less.

In short, it is always a tote bag, the archetype of the practical, functional bag, companion of everyday life, the one in which you can put everything. Except that it is less bulky, more versatile, suitable for every look and every silhouette.

It always has a removable shoulder strap, to leave your hands free when you need them.

It is always in truck tarpaulin or synthetic leather: resistant, tearproof, waterproof.

It always has the unmistakable graphic style of Paul Meccanico.

And it is always made with artisanal methods, exclusively in unique pieces.

We just put 24 Glams online and 3 were taken before we even announced it, so… choose yours before someone else does.

Here is a 15 € discount code valid only on Glam bags:


it is valid only until midnight tomorrow, Wednesday 15th November.

If you still haven't found your Paul Meccanico bag, you've probably been waiting for Glam.

Find out now.

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