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Paul Meccanico bags are Animal Free

We are a young company and we try to improve ourselves every day, more and more, in the creation of innovative bags and accessories. We have always been sensitive to social and environmental issues and for this reason we are truly honored to be part of Animal Free Fashion, the LAV project for ethical and sustainable fashion.

The Italian Anti-Vivisection League has in fact recognized us, as a company, the achievement of the level of AFF Rating "VV" which certifies that Paul Meccanico does not resort to the use of fur and feathers of animal origin in the production of our products. Our goal is to advance in the Animal Free Fashion rating by completely removing the skin which, at the moment, is present in minimal quantities only in some of our products.

We are really happy with the little big recognition from LAV that has certified that Paul Meccanico bags are Animal Free Products. In addition to the certificate of uniqueness (of each of our products there is only one example, unique in the world), our products from now on are also accompanied by the Animal Free Product brand.
Specifically, the lines of bags in our online store that can boast the Animal Free Product brand are:

Paul Meccanico animal free bags

- AIRSTONE the women's maxi tote bag available in truck tarpaulin and synthetic leather.

- PEPE the women's shopping bag, ideal for leisure time, available in truck tarpaulin and synthetic leather with stirrup or tubular handles.

- MINI the inimitable women's trunk thanks to its cylindrical design that can be carried either by hand or over the shoulder, available in both materials.

bags with safety reflector
- BREAK and MIPOK the comfortable and practical shoulder bags for men and women, perfect for an urban style.

- RAID the original large and comfortable travel bag designed by Paul Meccanico.

- ROLLING the practical, roomy and functional maxi cylindrical trunk perfect for the gym or for short trips


This is only the starting point and we do not hide the fact that, to date, we still have some products that cannot boast of being 100% Animal Free. In the "Ribella" women's clutch bag, available in synthetic leather or truck tarpaulin, there is an integrated rear handle made of genuine leather, the only non-animal free element. In addition, our belts for both men and women are currently made of truck tarpaulin on the outside but with regenerated leather on the inside. For purely productive reasons we have chosen these materials that have allowed us to guarantee the quality and physical and aesthetic durability of the belts in particular. We have already taken action by taking up all the studies done on modeling, the evaluation of possible materials and the problems encountered during the realization of the samples.

Despite the work of upgrading our fashion accessories in an increasingly ethical and sustainable way, we are really happy with this recognition, the first of many that we wish to achieve.
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