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The best gift to give is a UNIQUE PIECE

The gift, if really made from the heart, has enormous significance because it represents a way to strengthen a bond, strengthen a relationship or make a new friendship.

In addition to the more classic recurrences of Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day and anniversary, there are so many occasions where we find ourselves having to choose a gift and the choice is very important because through it we send a message to those who receive it. For this reason, OUR ADVICE IS TO GIVE UNIQUENESS.

We have summarized ten reasons why giving a one-of-a-kind piece to the world is the best choice.

In fact, giving uniqueness means:

1) Make a unique, exclusive and original gift. Having the guarantee that there is no other piece in the world like the one given, the gift automatically becomes special.

2) Make a handmade gift. From the conception, to the design, to the realization, to the creation up to the packaging and shipping phase, in a single piece, everything is done strictly by hand.

3) Give a clear and romantic message. Giving uniqueness is a bit like telling the recipient that they deserve something unique and special because he or she is like that too.

4) Support artistic talent and maintain local craft traditions. Buying a unique handmade piece is also a way to compliment the creative or the traditional workshop that made it. They are the first victims of mass standardization, of made in China or of fake made in Italy. It means continuing to make them believe in their dream. And do you know what their dream is? Don't make money but keep doing your job with love.

5) Respect the environment. In fact, the craftsmanship limits the use of machinery and chemicals.

6) Give positive energy. The craftsman, the artist and the creative put soul and enthusiasm into their products. Energy and enthusiasm. These are the two main things we would like to give as a gift.

7) Give transparency. You will be able to say with certainty who made the product and above all how they made it. In the age of deceptions and subterfuges, do you think it is little?

8) Feeling "talent scout". Discovering a new artist, discovering a new brand that reflects your values, discovering artisan workshops that carry out their small business with passion and sacrifice is truly a stimulating thing. You end up becoming fans of the brand and not just customers.

9) Make a cultural choice. It means not recognizing oneself in uniformity but thinking in a new way. It means appreciating the different, appreciating the small imperfection. This is certainly a good way to get new inspiration.

10) Give a story as a gift. In fact, when you give uniqueness you are not giving away an object but a piece of life of the artist and of the brand that created that object.

Each time you choose a gift, remember this decalogue and you will see that your gift will have a different flavor. You will stop improvising and you will look for a unique gift, because you will have the awareness that the charm of eternity is intrinsic in uniqueness.


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