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The essence of Paul Meccanico

Paul Meccanico is neither a fashion brand nor an anti-fashion brand: it is an expression brand and it is the only one in the world because it coined the definition.

The key points of the Paul Meccanico concept are: uniqueness, awareness and freedom of expression.

Composing the story of oneself is not easy. This is partly why fashions were born: to provide common codes to adhere to, defined codes that are easy to understand, reassuring, but definitely limiting and perfectly homologated. Paul Meccanico is the antithesis. It has its own style that makes it recognizable, but it does not follow trends: the bags are all different, grouped at most in small limited series. Each is a still empty sign waiting to be filled with the meaning that the wearer decides to attribute to it.

Some have chosen our bags because they are unique pieces, others because they are handcrafted, still others because we do not use materials of animal origin, others because we produce them with a sustainable, human-centric approach, others simply for their aesthetic aspect. What unites them is that everyone has made it a means of expression to tell their way of seeing the world.

Sometimes people are torn in front of Paul Meccanico bags: "I like it, but then how do I match it? It won't be too particular? And yet I really like it very much". This happens because the desire to feel unique is very strong, but it is also scary: it means getting out of the beaten track and building your own way.

For this reason, for many Paul Meccanico is an important choice, a liberation, a leap forward, the overcoming of a too narrow mentality, for others, already projected on this level, Paul Meccanico is feeling that he has found yet another piece of own expressive code. For some it is the magic object to bring about a transformation, for some it is reunion with themselves. For everyone, it means stopping to pursue the opinion of others and expressing one's way of being with awareness.

In short: stop and think.

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