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Valentine's Day is getting closer and closer and in a few days lovers will find themselves faced with the usual annual dilemma: "What do I do on Valentine's Day?", "What do I give you?", "What do I give them?"

Let's try to give you some original advice.


Offering a dinner is much more profound than giving food; it is giving a special moment with flavor as the protagonist, it is sharing a sensorial experience. And as Virginia Woolf used to say "one cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.". We, as good people from the Marche region, think exactly like her.

The Spa for her, the sporting experience for him.

If you want to pamper her a little, give her a day in the Spa. Or, alternatively, a few hours in a beauty salon with a hairdresser, make-up artist and beautician at her complete disposal: it is every woman's dream! Trust me.

On the other hand, especially if he is a type always looking for strong emotions, give him a good jump with bungee jumping, a ride on the track with the Ferrari or a jump from the parachute. And if he refuses out of fear, you will be allowed to make fun of him for the rest of your life.

Romantic getaway.

Unplug and go is always the best. Raise your hand if you don't dream of getting away from everyday stress and leaving with your loved one.


Do you need relaxation and well-being but your budget is limited? A couple's massage may be enough to regenerate you.


It might be a good idea. You will be spoiled for choice because there are originals on the Internet for all tastes and budgets.


You got it right, You can give a star as a gift. With a lot of certificate and coordinates to identify the precise position in which it is located. The astonishment effect will certainly not be missing.

Bag for her, bag for him.

We will be biased, it is very true. But the bag is the best friend and ally of every woman, it is the gift that everyone likes, the one to use to avoid mistakes.

And in recent years even men have begun to love the practicality of the bag.

Men's bag or women's bag that are the gem, however, lies in giving a unique piece. As unique as our creations because your Love is unique.

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