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Don't let the earthquake win!

The Marche is a plural region. Plural are its people, its landscapes, its dialects, its cultural and artistic beauties, its food and wine products. Unfortunately, the earthquake that devastated central Italy in August and October hit the entire productive fabric of the Marche region in its plurality. The Marches are in fact known for the many artisanal productions whose creation skills are passed down from father to son: from clothing to leather goods, from furniture to household appliances up to many culinary specialties.

The cataclysm put craftsmen from all these and other sectors at risk. For this reason, helping the Marche means helping all the artisans of the various sectors present in the Region. Artisan companies that with commitment and passion create a product entirely Made in Marche, conceived and made entirely in our territory.

Buying a Made in Marche product today means giving a boost to this territory which has to start over again. And it can also do it with your contribution. Because many products, such as Paul Meccanico accessories, with their peculiar characteristics can only be made in the Marche region.

You can make you and your friends spend a tasty, unique and / or trendy Christmas by also helping Marche companies to spend the most peaceful and happy holidays by purchasing their goods. And often, as in the case of Paul Meccanico bags and belts, you can have Marche products from the comfort of your home by purchasing them from the site. This Christmas put a product from Paul Meccanico or other companies from the Marche region under the tree.


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