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Paul Meccanico pays homage to the 130 women of the Marisa Bellisario Foundation

For centuries, women have been underestimated by a male-dominated society with a marginal role. She was only responsible for looking after the house and educating the children.

In modern society, things have rightly changed and the affirmation of women in work as in any other social sphere has grown considerably. As evidence of this, the various women's foundations and associations that have been created in recent decades.

A legally recognized foundation made exclusively by women that is certainly worth mentioning is the Marisa Bellisario Foundation. Born in 1989 from the idea of ​​Lella Golfo, still President today, the Foundation began its activity by promoting and organizing the Marisa Bellisario Award, a company manager who died in 1988. Later it expanded its work through actions aimed at the world of work and female entrepreneurship. The mission of this Foundation is to constantly draw attention from politics, entrepreneurship and institutions to innovative ideas and projects in order to promote and support the affirmation of female professionalism nationally and internationally.

The 17th Edition of the International Seminar on Women, Economics & Power was held on 21 and 22 October at the University of Macerata and the Theater of the Dramatic Philharmonic Society. This fixed annual appointment of the Marisa Bellisario Foundation took place, as usual, under the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Republic, with the patronage of the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and 11 Ministries and with the adhesion of the Marche Region and the Municipality of Macerata. The format chosen for 2016 was divided into thematic Tables, dedicated to highly topical topics, including: Bank & Enterprise for a different future; Agri-food, Sustainability and Made in Italy; Safety; Tourism & Culture; Innovation & Start Up; Violence & Equal Opportunity; Politics & Participation; Employment & Welfare.

Paul Meccanico wanted to indirectly participate in this prestigious event which saw over one hundred and thirty admirable women present, paying homage to each of them with a handbag; a small but heartfelt gesture to show them closeness, affection and due gratitude for their human, social and professional commitment, a simple way to say THANK YOU WOMEN.

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