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No more deceptions. No more shortcuts.

This belief led us to a wonderful collaboration with Filippo Magnini and we joined the TEAM I AM DOPING FREE to fight against sports doping.

Filippo Magnini for I AM DOPING FREE

The I AM DOPING FREE project was born from the initiative of the award-winning blue swimmer Filippo Magnini who decided to take the front line in the fight against doping.
Sport must be synonymous with health, authenticity, well-being ... without resorting to easy shortcuts to avoid sacrifice, which lead to nothing, if not to the loss of values ​​and to fiction.

Defeating doping means first of all admitting its existence, at all levels.
"Doping exists. Denying it is tantamount to implicitly admitting that it is invincible."
This scourge unfortunately afflicts numerous sports disciplines and has spread dangerously not only among the great professionals but also in the amateur categories.

The scandals that have hit Sharapova and the Russian Federation over the use of "state doping" through meldonium are already casting a dark and sad shadow on the 2016 Rio Olympics.
We Italians were not immune either!

In addition to admitting its existence and disseminating it in the media, it is also necessary to provide information and above all training, especially for the little ones.
Prevention, information and deterrence are the best weapons for this fight!

To carry on this struggle, the I AM DOPING FREE campaign carries out a ROAD SHOW that is self-financed also through support merchandising: t-shirts, costumes, tattoos, caps, bracelets and bags.
We at Paul Meccanico took care of the bracelets and the bags.

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