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Here are 13 good reasons to love a Paul Meccanico bag!

Behind a bag and a Paul Meccanico belt hides a world made of care, attention, passion and love for our work.

Be unique! A bag for each head! We do not want to "throw it", we just want to tell you what we offer, without deceit.
Here are the 13 good reasons why we love what we do so much, we hope to make you fall in love too!

Uniqueness: Have you ever wanted to be able to say "It's only mine"? We do! This is why we have chosen to create unique bags and belts, in the literal sense of a unique piece. There is only one example of each of our products in the world, be it a women's bag, a men's shoulder bag or a belt. Each of our products has an authenticity code that identifies it. We don't like standardization, being the same as others ... we love to stand out, reaffirm our uniqueness!

In the fashion world there is often a lot of emphasis on small details ... who has never seen a bag with charms or a lock? Unlike everyone else, we have chosen the reflector as a distinctive detail. Do you want to know why? Read our article "Do you know how many pedestrians are hit every day?"

Paul Meccanico is an Italian company, from the Marche region to be exact. We have the honor of living in a territory that has always been devoted to craftsmanship and we have made a clear but not so obvious choice: every single bag and belt are rigorously made with Made in Italy and artisanal products. Cutting and sewing are in fact entrusted to the skilled hands of local artisans within a radius of 30 km from our headquarters. 100% Made in Marche is our choice because we love our territory and, in our small way, we want to help give new life to the local workers.

13 good reasons to choose Paul Meccanico Another good reason why we love Paul Meccanico is the choice of unconventional materials with which we make our products. All the models of our bags are made of hammered synthetic leather or pvc of the highest quality, or the truck tarpaulin (no we are neither crazy nor the only ones: Freitag teaches!).
Our bags are therefore also highly resistant and very practical to wear thanks to the shoulder straps, the handles, the many internal pockets and the purse with removable zip.

In producing our bags we also pay close attention to environmental issues and, in our small way, we try to do our best. Production chain in the local area, respect for animals in the ban on furs and real animal skin and use of tested and recyclable materials.
Yes, our bags are recyclable, but this does not mean that they are to be thrown away!

We also like to think that our bags and belts also have an artistic and cultural content. Each graphic in the collection is developed by designer Paul Albert Dari who is inspired by digital art and its expressions: pixels, optical art and unspoken "tributes" to Escher's dream world. The realization times of each single graphic (being drawn piece by piece on the PC) varies, according to the product, from 1 to 4 hours. Just to give an example, an average bag of usual size is made up of at least 12 pieces. There is therefore a great work of refinement that makes the product cared for in every single detail and each unique piece is highly recognizable.

If you don't believe everything you've read, you have two opportunities: forget us or buy one of our products. We always put our face to it, and every single bag or belt is delivered to our customers accompanied by the certificate of uniqueness because all our products are guaranteed!
What do you choose to do?

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