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Walking helps you stay fit, improve metabolism, reduce waistline, keep cholesterol under control, fight diabetes, lower the risk of stroke and heart attack.

These things, good or bad, you all know but what if we told you that walking is also good for the mind?

Yes, a healthy walk produces a highly regenerating effect on the brain because while we walk, our mind is more receptive, activates a greater predisposition to creative work, guarantees better performance and learns better and faster.

This is not the usual "blah blah blah". At the base of this transformation there is an organic explanation: the heart by pumping faster, allows a greater quantity of blood, and therefore oxygen, to reach our brain, allowing it to perform better, in particular as regards memory. and attention. Furthermore, since walking is a low-intensity activity that does not require particular attention, it allows the imagination to wander, thus favoring the development of new ideas and points of view. Several scientific-social experiments have confirmed these beneficial effects. Among these we mention two of particular importance and respectability.

The first experiment, carried out at Stanford University, required the carrying out of some creativity tests. 176 students were divided into three groups: one group that took the test in a sitting position, another that took it while walking around the campus and the last that took it while running (therefore at greater intensity). Not surprisingly, the clearly better results were obtained by the boys who walked. The second experiment that we want to mention concerns the one carried out by the University of South Carolina. It showed how, walking on nature, a group of students undergoing a memory test performed better than another group of students who walked at the same intensity along city streets.

With this we wanted to make you understand that it is not only the act of walking that counts, but also the place where you walk: nature is able to regenerate the mind like nothing else thanks to the sensory experiences it arouses in us. And if we are accompanied by a four-legged friend, even better, relaxation will be complete and the feeling of superior well-being.

Friends, you have no excuses: walk because walking benefits the body and, perhaps even more, the mind.

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